Downsizing Dilemma

Garage Organization in Vancouver: The Problem

Our two friends moved from their long time home to a lovely new, smaller townhouse on the North Shore. This new development has a two-car garage – but not a lot of storage in the house causing a few problems with their garage organization. We got a call from Sarah needing our help. She wanted to know how you could store off season things, everyday items and a couple of cars in her garage.

After discussing multiple questions like “What do you use the most?” “What has no place in the house?” and “What could go?”. We decided that Sarah needed  a 24″ depth shelf to get started on her garage organization in Vancouver. The 24″ shelf was placed running along one of the sidewalls for the bigger and out of season items. Then we decided on lower profile shelves to place under the 24” shelf for everyday items.

We also decided on a short inverted bracket shelf above the hood where there was wasted space that could be used for storage. Finally, we utilized a corner with some single bars and a variety of hooks for odd items like bike helmets etc.

The Solution

Sarah can park in the garage, exiting the car in the middle of the two car garage – with storage all down one side. We were able to create a custom solution for her problem on the spot, keeping the storage issues in mind. In the end Sarah’s problems with garage organization in Vancouver were solved leaving her with an organized and functional garage!

Does your garage seem like it could use a little TLC? We provide solutions in garage organization Vancouver families will love and be able to easily maintain.