Organizing for January

Garage Storage Vancouver says:

I love January!

I don’t know about you but I always look forward to January! There are lots
of reasons: It’s my mother’s birth month, another Christmas is over and I get inspired by new things.

It’s a time when I want to put my best foot forward – starting with cleaning and organizing. Sometimes it even includes chasing my teenage sons out the door before they’re conscripted to help!

If I were lucky enough to have a proper garage (we’ll convert that carport
sooner or later), that’s where my cast-offs would end up. But I wouldn’t be
finished with the job just by moving possessions to a different space!

At Garage Storage Vancouver, we regularly find well-sorted piles in people’s garages, placed there with the best intentions. Often they start as small piles and grow very quickly
with the recycling, the bikes people aren’t using that day… you know how
it happens.

There are many ways to limit the damage – here are three for starters.

Label Everything


Whether it is going to the charity thrift shop, to
friends or to the trash, labeling means you don’t have to try and figure out
a plan twice.




Organize one physical space at a time — and finish it. Make that trip to the dump the very same day.


Keep It Up


Remember this is a process that in reality is on-going. All the ‘stuff’ that is in your space didn’t get there in one day. Spaces will stay organized only if you make it part of your system.