Highly Recommend

Between camping, fishing, boating, archery, gardening and other interests our garage was just massive piles of stuff. Every time we wanted to do an outing all the piles had to be hauled out, sorted into what is needed and putting the remainder of items back into the garage in disorganized piles. This process took so long and was very frustrating. Garage Storage Vancouver have monkey bar shelves that allow hanging your gear from them in levels. I was amazed how much stuff I could hang just in one three foot section. Our garage is fairly old and showed years of stains, cracks and general real life use. We also had Garage Storage Vancouver sand and patch the concrete floor and protect it with a gorgeous sealer that really makes our garage look clean and fresh. Christine and her installers were very professional and really cared about doing a quality job that in the end exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend Garage Storage Vancouver if you want to tame your garage monster. Our last outing took 80% less time to grab and pack what we needed.

Ross BNorth Vancouver, BC