Working With The Property Brothers

Wow. We’ve had a great and fascinating week at Garage Storage Vancouver! It all started when we were approached by a producer for HGTV TV show the Property Brothers. We were asked to help them out on a garage for one of the show’s residential reno projects. We were very excited – and maybe even a little star-struck!

As with all great projects, the Property Brothers call launched a flurry of activity at Garage Storage Vancouver. And we’re so happy to say we received great support from our friendly suppliers, including Monkey Bars Garage Storage Systems, Challenger Cabinets and Steadyrack Bike Racks. Special mention for stepping up with some perfect showroom space goes to Frogbox, purveyor of the eco-friendly, re-usable moving box. Great people, all of them.

It’s truly satisfying to see businesses helping each other out and building ties that will no doubt continue to grow. It’s a big part of why we show up for work each day. And what are the Property Brothers like in real life? They’re two genuinely nice, considerate professionals who made the entire garage project a positive experience. The Garage Storage Vancouver team couldn’t be happier!

Watch for the episode featuring our product in early 2014!!!